Our Offerings


All of our suppliers satisfy 3 criterias:

  1. Produce exceptional quality
  2. World class customer care
  3. Extensive range of aesthetically beautiful products

As a result, all of our products have been meticulously sourced from around the world, giving you both choice and quality.

Wedding Books

Wedding Books

This book is the first heirloom of your new family. It’s our sincere wish that this book outlives you and becomes part of your legacy! Furthermore, it needs to look contemporary everytime it’s opened.

A book for every personality – By sourcing books from Australia, Europe and the UK means you will have a choice of covers, papers and finishes to create a book as individual as you are.

Wall Art

Wall Art

A canvas of your favourite wedding image has long been the favourite compliment to any wedding package.

Today you have the choice of premium wooden frames with real glass to showcase an equally grand wedding. Or feeling bold? Try a wall hanging of brushed satin aluminium or the dimensionality offered by the crystal acrylics. Each a statement in their own  right and certainly conversation strarters.

Personalised Guest Signing Book

Personalised Guest Signing Book

Off the shelf Guest Books are popular and are fit for purpose. But did you know that Personalised Guest Signing Books, dotted with your Enagement Session images actually become talking points amongst your guests and lead to me personalised messages and blessing?

Consider this a two-in-one book – your stunning images in print and more personalised messages.

Same Day Edit

Same Day Edits

Imagine impressing your reception guest with a selection of wedding images shot just several hours before. A same day edit involves a team member downloading your wedding images, selecting the best ones, editing them, rendering them and then cutting them to USB, ready to entertain your reception guests.