Photo Editing

Post Production

Post production is the 6th step in our journey together. This part allows us to continue our creativity and make each image shine! It is considered the most labour intensive process and can range from 5 hours of editing for every 1 of shooting to 30 minutes an image!

Stage 1

Download and Backup

Images are always captured in RAW format and as such the files are huge. It’s not unusual for us to get back to the office after a shoot with 100GB of files.


The images are downloaded to our working drives, then copied to a Raid 5 configured server. They are then further backed up to hard drives for off-site storage.

Stage 2

Image Selection

All the RAW files are loaded into specialised software that’s capable of quickly rendering, sifting through and categorising huge files.


Blurry images, unflattering expressions, duplicate or simply unusable images are removed. The rest of the images are then transfered to our image processing software.


Stage 3

Classic Adjustments

In this stage, all images are analysed for white balance, colour, contrast, exposure, highlights and shadow detail, and clarity.


The necessary adjustments are made at a global level to every image to achieve uniformity in the look and feel across your portfolio.

Stage 4

Advanced Adjustments

Advanced Edits are done to selected images in your gallery. These images have already been colour corrected and tones adjusted on a global level.


Now we apply finer local adjustments. This can include brightening parts of an image, darkening parts, straightening lines and horizons and neutralising minor distractions.


This process is all done by hand rather than algorithms.As such, it is very meticulous and will be done to a selection of images that we think you should use in your album.

Stage 5

RAW Conversion

RAW files cannot be read by most software applications, hence need to be converted to the universal .jpeg format.


Initially, we export proofs, which are small, low res web files.  This makes them suitable for sharing across the web and to help in your album shortlisting process.

Stage 6

Online Gallery Upload

All your proofs now get uploaded to our galleries platform online. The links are only sent to the clients. They may choose to share it with family and friends. 


Clients tend to share some of these images on their social media channels.

Stage 7

Signature Edits

At the discretion of your photographer, several images may be shortlisted to get that extra special touch.


During this hand editing session, distractions are removed, backgrounds enhanced, sky enhanced/replaced, skin and eye treatments applied and whatever else we deem necessary to complete our vision. 


These images are usually destined for album covers, full page spreads in the album or large wall hangings.

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