Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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1How many images do I get?
Your package may include either a fixed amount or unlimited images. If you have a fixed number of images in your package, you always have the option of upgrading to the unlimited package. If you package specifies "unlimited images", this implies that you will receive the bulk of images after we've stripped out duplicates, bad expressions, blurry or simply unusable images.
2Will I get the high resolution images?
Yes, your final package will include high resolution digital images in jpeg compression. The files are ready to print. In most cases you will be able to print to 12" x 8" (A4). Many couples have successfully printed to A3. Should you need bigger file sizes, our special software can enlarge it. There may be a cost for this service.
3Can I have the "RAW" files?
"RAW" files represents a half finished image. We employ various software tools to edit the "RAW" files until it matches our intended vision. As such, they remain the property of Ketan Amin Photography and are never released.
4What are proofs?
Proofs are your final images in small file sizes. This automated process allows us to share a high volume of images with you in the shortest possible time. Storing and sharing the files also becomes easier.
5Do you back up all the images?
We do. In three different places.
6I lost my images. Can I get another copy?
You most certainly can. There may be a delay in retrieving your images from archives and there will be a nominal charge for a duplicate set.

Products & Services

1Who will shoot my wedding?
Unless otherwise agreed, the person whom you've had your initial personal consultation with will be your primary photographer
2How many photographers will there be?
For the main events, usually your photographer, flanked by an assistant will be present. The assistant helps the photographer with various tasks and will not be expected to shoot independently either at the venue or at another location. Should you require two dedicated photographers, we'd be delighted to oblige.
3What if you're unable to shoot on the day?
Touch wood! We've never missed a shoot in ten years and don't intend on missing out on all the fun. If your photographer, for acceptable good reasons, is unable to cover your event, then we will propose another photographer of equal standing, skill and experience. If you're unhappy with our proposal, you will be entitled to a refund as stipulated on the formal agreement.
4Can I swap out a complimentary offering?
A complimentary offering is our way of saying thank you for choosing us. It cannot be exchanged, swapped, transferred or postponed. The offering has no cash value and cannot be offset against your package investment. Should you choose not to use it, you will lose it.
5Do you offer complimentary pre-wedding shoots?
Yes, complimentary pre-wedding sessions are offered to couples who have chosen packages exceeding £2000. The session lasts for about an hour and takes place in the London area. Typically the session will be in one location with one set of clothes to maximise our time together. Many couples choose to upgrade to an Extended Pre-Wedding Shoot lasting 2-3 hours, with at least two costume change. Some couples prefer a themed or lifestyle session either locally or abroad. This session is anything from 5 hours to several days, involving multiple locations and numerous costume changes.
6Do you offer international pre-wedding sessions
We most certainly do. Whether it's a proposal in Paris, A romantic weekend in Venice, a regal experience in the palaces of Jaipur or just wanting to exploit the Mediterranean splendours of Spain, Italy or Greece as your backdrop, we'll help craft a theme and produce some cracking images that you can't help but show the world!
7Do you scout the location before my wedding?
Having shot at most of the popular venues over the past 10 years, we're quite familiar them. If your venue happens to be one we've not shot at before, depending on your brief and schedule, we may visit the property with you before your wedding. Most times, we prefer the element of surprise when entering "new" venues. We get to absorb the splendour and study the light patterns on that day without too many pre-conceived ideas.
8Do you charge by the hour or per event?
Our charges are calculated on the time you would require our services. Although the charge is based on hours of coverage, it includes the various pre- and post-wedding consultations, editing and album design.
9How many revisions of the album design do I get?
If you choose our ultra premium package, then you will get as many revisions as you need. On all other packages, you will get up to three revisions. Every subsequent revision will be charged at £100.
10What albums do you offer?
We offer two styles of albums; 1) the popular digital storybook album and 2) the contemporary matted album. Both versions start at 10" x 14" with 40 pages. There are 100's of personalisation options ranging from covers, type of photographic paper and protective cases. At your initial personal consultation, you will get to behold the vibrant beauty, sheer elegance, substantial quality of these Italian handcrafted books.